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I snapped this photo of my now, almost year-old colt this week! He is registered as Dx Frigid Air and he’s going to be gray!!!! Isn’t he handsome?

Happy Thursday!

The Girls…

I went to visit yesterday and snapped this photo with my iPhone. After a mile long fencing project yesterday, which only involved getting 250 posts pounded into the ground, I haven’t the energy to share more this morning. Plus, I’m in charge of the chores today so I have to head to the corrals! Happy […]

A Day in my Life…

Well, folks, we like to say that everyday is like a holiday around here. And that’s true because we do get to do something we love everyday, even though sometimes the task may not be our favorite- like say fixing fence or even building fence. When it comes to those things, I’m not gonna lie- […]

Scatter Butte

I feel it is now worth mentioning (and I happen to have time right now) to share with you some good news. Some of you may remember my photo: Scatter Butte. Last fall I entered it into the Ex Arte Equinus International Art Horse competition. It was selected as as finalist. There were over a […]

A Girl and Her Horses

Last week I got the opportunity to photograph a gorgeous girl and two beautiful horses. I love doing senior photos. I mean I absolutely love them! They are even more fun when there’s horses in involved. I shared a lot of them on Facebook, but for those of you who’re not on Facebook, and who […]

Friday the 13th…In Photos

There were dogs:

And kids:

Gorgeous skies and Landscapes:

And what would a day on the ranch be without seeing the girls?

I think that heifer 007 would like to say Hi too!

Let’s not forget the wildflowers that are showing up!

And a Curle…