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Photos from the Branding Pen

I’ve been uber busy this summer, as evidenced by the lack of posts here (but you can still read what I’m writing about horsemanship over at Cavvy Savvy).  I’m so behind, I didn’t realize until this morning that I hadn’t shared any of my branding pen photos from this Spring.  We just held our annual […]

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A Typical Day on the Ranch

I’m often asked: what’s a typical day on the ranch? I chuckle inside and then quietly say with a smile on my face, “there is no such thing”! When you live where you work, and work where you live, manage animals and grass for a living, life gets hectic, frenetic and crazy. One day (like […]

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My Very Own Iron Man

We had a baby born the 14th. He’d be a full sibling to my colt, Fridge. He’s adorable, albeit a bit crooked legged. Because he’s windswept and a bit contracted he’s got a nice fluffy, confined spot in the calving barn.  His dad is named Nukem, and his mother is Streakin Iron.  I sent photos […]

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Crazy days

To say that life here has been insanely busy, might be putting it nicely.  I’m sure everyone can tell from the lack of posts that I’m busy: it’s not that I’ve nothing to say.  Here’s a quick rundown:  Last weekend I ran all over the state chasing down barrels.  We won some money and had […]

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Tuesday’s Tales: The Great Escape

It was a lovely, unseasonably warm, early April Saturday night. There was extra family in from town, and plans were made to go to dinner at our local steakhouse, about 13 miles away, because what do ranchers eat when they’re not eating their own steak? Steak. I’d spent the day doing various chores, doctoring a […]

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So You Want to Raise Rabbits

A too-common conversation recently surfaced and, as rabbit meat gets more in demand, the numbers get larger. I understand the enthusiasm for a new project. But sometimes enthusiasm needs tempered by common sense. The names here have been changed to protect the foolhardy in an effort to, hopefully, inject some common sense into the conversation […]

Pretty light

Earlier this week as Zach and I were watering horses, I caught him coming through the door as the light from sunset flooded in.  This photo makes me happy. Does it you? 
Happy trails. 
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Heat Stress in Poultry

As an outdoor operation, there is little we can do to control the weather. Our birds have shelters to go into, a place that is dry but in cold weather and heat they are not in a climate controlled barn. Some would say they should be, but when farms DO have climate controlled barns then […]

The Colt Cam Chronicles

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (though the two aren’t playing nice, lately), you’ve probably missed out on the snippets of video I’m posting. I wish every video editor was as handy to use as Instagram’s. Suggestions anyone? I’ve got three or four on my phone and I kind of hate them […]

Story Behind the Meme – Small Farms

Some time ago I made a couple of photo memes that I share from time to time. I thought I’d take a few minutes to share why it was made, as some are offended by it. It’s a slam on large farms, or it’s a negative. It’s reality. The first one is one intended to […]