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Hoop Shed Barn Progression

With a couple previous posts about the hoop shelter I took a few minutes this morning to do an update. The heavy duty white plastic allows plenty of light in. The shrubs and trees behind the structure provide a wind block and the peak is just slightly more than the 8′ hoop house. We’re waiting […]

Mucovy Duck Mane and Helmet

Sometimes in discussing Muscovy ducks there is mention of a ‘mane’ and/or ‘helmet’ – while out in the yard one of ‘the boys’ decided to display this – his white feathers are pretty bright in the morning sun. You can see the feathers on his head and the back of his neck he can flatten […]

Coccidia and the Dangers of Misinformation

There are many who say birds and animals that are “properly kept” should never get sick. Of course things happen and in the real world this includes illness. There can be a variety of reasons but we know, scientifically, that environment, stress and immune systems play a big role. We know that sometimes things caught […]

Yesterday Afternoon

20110811-080115.jpgWe’ve been having some lovely weather here in South Dakota recently. Those of you in the South don’t hate, please? I got the chance to saddle Gump yesterday and move some pairs and I must say, it was a gorgeous ride! I took my iPhone and snapped a couple pictures. Someday folks, I will pack […]

Crops are growing and cows are calving

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks on the farm, both in the fields and in the maternity pasture.rain falling on a field of forage sorghumPlentiful rainfall has all the crops colored a nice, healthy shade of green. Our silage corn is right on track t…

Grateful for our Veterinarians!

Today was an unexpected rough day at our farm.  Our morning began with a great blessing: cooler weather!  We enjoyed milking, almost shivering.  We did our chores, fed our cows and calves…and noticed that one of our dry cows was acting…

Kitty and Fast Moving Days

A comment was made on a forum recently about an insomniac with nothing better to do than shovel verbal “BS” – something that doesn’t very often become an issue here as with long days sleeping isn’t a problem! The weekend flew by and even more was the first couple of days this week, perked up […]

Content Cows Chew Cud

Recently a group was visiting our farm and one of the tour participants asked, “Do cows really have four stomachs?” The answer is sort of. Cows are ruminants, which means their stomach contains four compartments: the rumen, reticulum, omasum and ab…

Fun Day at the Fair

Today was a great day at the Dakota County Fair. Our family participated in the Open Class Dairy Show. Continue reading

Heat Wave 2011: Staying Alive.

Sprinklers, critical to keeping our cows cool, but in our record heat, also alive.Over a month since I have blogged, but I have a perfectly good excuse for it: we were working to keep our cows alive. Minnesota experienced much like the rest of the nati…