Luke and Linda’s Epic Wedding

So I have these friends/relatives of the cowboy. They’re epic and awesome. And… wait… for… it… Legend…ary! They had a multicultural wedding of sorts, though they had a traditional Lakota Ceremony (and I was not able to photograph the ceremony) but I did get to do photos before they tied the knot. It was a […]

A June Wedding

If the low number of blog posts wasn’t an indication of how busy this summer has been, maybe this will be a clue: Here are my favorite photos, shot at a wedding in June. Yes. I said JUNE! But I suppose it’s better to share late than not share at all, so without further ado, […]

Goodbye, My Fridge

Well, I did something I thought I’d never do. I sold my handsome gray colt, DX Frigid Aire. Yes. He’s gone. When I rode at the Buck clinic in Rapid City, a friend of ours was there watching for three days. He kept telling me what a nice colt I had (other folks said he […]

The View From Here

Branding season isn’t as close to wrapping up as it normally would be this time of year because it’s been wet! Really, really, really wet. The rain is going to make the grass really happy, which makes for happy cows and fat horses, but the mud…Gumbo is unlike any kind of mud most of you […]