How To Paint With Light

A few weeks ago I was reading a great article over at “I Heart Faces“, about light painting in photographs. I’ve already heard of this technique and had the privilege to speak and hang out with Matt Normann this summer (because we were fortunate enough to have him at our branding). He’s an awesome lifestyle [...]

Farm Week in Pictures 01/13/2013

Another week has passed. We’ve been meeting about taxes, checking out farm sales, cleaning up equipment, and more. Here a few pictures of the highlights. What have you done this week? Filed under: Pictures Tagged: Cover Crops, environment, equipment, Pictures

Wind Blown

The wind, through the mane of a horse, writes a song few have heard. I snapped this the other day while I visited the mares. I think it’s a pretty shot and would look great on a wall. What do you think? Does it speak to you? Happy Trails!