White Christmas on Farm

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”  Cannot you just hear Bing Crosby’s deep voice singing that Christmas classic song? I LOVE that song and especially LOVE that movie. My Grandpa and Grandma Baregi had it when I was little. I use to watch with them when I spent the night. When my Grandma moved out [...]

Christmas on the Ranch

This post might get long, but it’s not because I’m long-winded, it’s because I went on a photo taking assignment (self imposed of course) last night, to capture the magic that is our tiny house, this christmas. The following are photos of the tree, and the garlands over our two picture windows, and some of [...]

DX Frigid Aire Says, “Merry Christmas!”

I tried really hard yesterday to get some cute photos of my coming two-year old, Fridge, wearing a red bow. This was more difficult than I thought, with only myself to stage and no one to shoo the other horses away. Plus, he’s kind of an attention hound. Well, let’s be honest, pretty much all [...]

Winter Weather

I’ve said I wanted some snow and this past weekend my wish came true. I could, however, do without the sub zero and single digits temps that came with it. I may be hard to please! Today, I will take some photos with the big camera of the pretty winter wonderland that is our world, [...]

Instagram Farmer

Instagram is a great app available for Apple and Android mobile devices you can use to apply various filters and effects to your photos.  I enjoy using Instagram because it makes me look like a better photographer than I really am! … Continue reading

Farm Week in Pictures 12/07/2012

Several happenings on the farm this week. We’ve attended meetings, talked about trading equipment, worked on estate planning, and did some actual farm work. Here’s few pictures of highlights from the week! Filed under: Pictures Tagged: Business, family farm, Pictures

Wordless Wednesday


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