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Wordless Wednesday

Shooting Rabbits And Other Animals

We shoot pictures. Often. Chickens, dogs, rabbits. For the blog, Facebook wall, capturing memories, marketing – many reasons for it but getting good photos doesn’t have to be expensive. Today’s expenditure. $40.  Yes I’m giving away secrets today! While we show openly our animals as they really are, we like to present them at their […]

Larry Larson Clinic

For those of you that live in a hole- or have never been to a horse show or looked at an equine sale catalog, or even a “Barrel Horse News” you may not know who Larry Larson is. Allow me to tell you: he’s a world renowned photographer of equines, and basically does the sale/stallion/promotion […]

Picture day – Butterfly

It’s been a busy week – much to do still! So instead of a longer post – keep it simple tonight and sharing one of the beautiful butterflies we get around here. Yes it is alive – and fluttered away shortly after this shot! Have a great weekend all!

Is it News or Just my Crazy Life?

There’s lots going on here lately. Yesterday, Avie and I moved cows out of the creek up to a flat where the hired man finished the job and put them across to greener pastures. It was still an 8 mile ride for us, and I probably should have fed myself a better breakfast before I […]

Wordless Wednesday



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Eva T.

It was Senior Portrait Central here this past weekend. Thursday night, Friday night, and Sunday night I shot seniors, with a Prom thrown in for fun on Saturday night. We will start with the exceptionally gorgeous Eva, whose photos I took on Thursday Evening. I think they speak for themselves. And my favorite: This girl […]

Farm Week in Pictures 04/20/2013

It was a wet week for this Farm Week in Pictures!  We had rain almost every day ending with a big storm Thursday that dropped water on saturated soils.  We have no crops in the ground yet so no damage done there.  We will however be waiting until everything dries out before we can start […]

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