A Public Service Announcement

In case you missed it this week, I had a spread in the online version of South Dakota Magazine. You might want to go see it. Also, in case you’re not on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere you may have missed this: South Dakota Cowgirl Public Art Reception – Hill City MAR 29, 2013 3:00 PM [...]

Collage This!

If a wall of photos from the South Dakota Cowgirl is what you’ve wanted and you’ve no idea what photos to choose, or how to put one together, or what kind of photos to choose (thin wraps, metal, styrene, canvas), maybe this will help you! If you’re interested, please contact me with the photos you’d [...]

A Snowy Photo Essay

Monday it snowed. Glorious, fluffy flakes, with no wind and no sub zero temps. A rare, rare snow for us. It doesn’t usually just waft down beautifully from the sky. It typically comes down, while Old Man Winter roars, and brings us extra cold air for good measure. As it started to accumulate and showed [...]