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Another View

This week, while I’m busy preparing for my gallery exhibit (opening FRIDAY! for those of you that can come), I thought I’d share some photos taken by my 12 year old niece. I think she’s got quite the eye, and as such, we have good discussions about cameras and settings (she’s a Canon girl too […]

Farm Week in Pictures 03/23/2013

Lots more happening on the farm this week. Take a look! New Iron Our 475 riding mower mows the yards of three houses and all the roadsides between them has 775 hours on the engine. It’s still a great mower and has no problems, but this brand new 730 that was delivered this week is […]

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Let’s Check Cows

It’ the time of year when cows kind of rule the roost. We typically calve our cows in the pasture, and this year that pasture happens to be about 3 miles from the house and corrals. Which, has made things interesting. Right now the set of cows calving were bought partially bred, which means we’ve […]

Farm Week in Pictures 03/16/2013

Another week closer to planting season on the farm, and another week of farm activity pictures for you! Helping Hand My son came out to help us clean up some brush. He’s a pretty hard worker and enjoys being outside with all the guys. Brushing Up Randy is dumping another load of wood on […]

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Wordless Wednesday


Happy Trails!

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The view from here

Farm Week in Pictures 03/09/2013

March has arrived which means April is just around the corner. April means planting. Probably. We still have plenty of jobs to keep us occupied in the meantime, but good weather will arrive soon I hope. I can’t wait to see what our cover crops do once the temperature rises and the sun comes out! […]

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Wordless Wednesday

One of our herd sires, Poco Tivio pep, aka, Chachi:

Happy Trails!

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A Trip to Spearfish Canyon

Over New Years, I went to the Hills with my folks. We did some skiing at Terry Peak, and when I headed home, I decided I’d take a trip through Spearfish Canyon. I’ve never been there before and let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold. I think I’ll let the photos speak for […]