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From the Rodear

We have two brandings on our place, as a general rule. Our big Father’s Day party, and another, smaller branding around the Fourth of July.  This year, I spent the entire July 4th branding, horseback, either roping or holding herd, so I don’t have photos of that little party. I do, however, have photos of us […]

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A Girl, Her Horse and A Guitar

A couple weeks ago I had the privelege of photographing a young woman who is embarking upon her last year of high school. She’s gorgeous, a handy, handy rodeo competitor and a beautiful spirit all around. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them! Happy Trails!

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life in photos…

I can barely keep up with going through my Mail, let alone my blog… But I’m still taking lots of photos! I photographed a senior last week. She’s gorgeous and I’ll share those soon. I have some beautiful branding day photos to share too, and of course my colts are getting huge. The photos below […]

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Some of you who follow me on Facebook and actually get notifications from my South Dakota Cowgirl Page, or who follow me on Instagram, have seen that my second (and last) colt for the year was born on June 13. This his how behind I am in in sharing my life. You have my apologies. His […]

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Photos from the Branding Pen

I’ve been uber busy this summer, as evidenced by the lack of posts here (but you can still read what I’m writing about horsemanship over at Cavvy Savvy).  I’m so behind, I didn’t realize until this morning that I hadn’t shared any of my branding pen photos from this Spring.  We just held our annual […]

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Foto Friday

I am asked photography questions often. And while I wish I knew how to share the secrets of composition, it sort of just comes out of me. I’m constantly framing the world through the eyes of a lens, whether looking through one or not. Sure, there’s things like the rule of thirds, and color composition, […]

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Senior Portraits

It’s time again — time to start planning your last minute sessions, or book a Summer Session for your 2016 senior. Here are some photos from a session I did earlier in the year. Is this girl gorgeous or what?   Isn’t this collage just cool? Please call or email to book your session: jennifer@thesouthdakotacowgirl […]

The Official Family Photo

I shared the unofficial one here, because it was the last photo ever taken with my beloved “Boo boo” or Higgins, the Papillon. But I realized I never shared the “real” one – the one that will soon be hanging on our wall. From L-R: Jake the Cow-Dog, Myself, The Cowboy (Zach), his son Ty, […]

Friend Photos

I am so lucky that I get to take beautiful photos of all the pretty horses, and this pretty country I live in, but even luckier, because friends pay me to take their photos. I took some photos of my good friends when I was in Texas at Christmas. Since I’m always a day late […]