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A Burrowing Owl

IMG_2579Yesterday I got to take photos of a burrowing owl and one of her babies.  The baby was so cute and camouflaged very well, I might add. I didn’t get any pictures of the mama sitting next to her baby. Instead I got photos of the mama flying away, and the baby hanging out in a prairie […]

Scatter Butte Giveaway

Scatter Butte from The DX Ranch. I mentioned a few weeks ago on Facebook that I’d taken some STUNNING photos, and I do mean stunning! Stunning enough that my parents, who’ve been here several times, gasped when they saw them. I also said that those photos wouldn’t be seen until the book is released. And I will make good on that […]

Scatter Butte

In Black and white… I mentioned the other day on Facebook, that I had taken some absolutely gorgeous, amazing and otherwise picture er, um book-worthy photos and that you’d have to wait until the book was released to see them, and I haven’t changed my mind about that. But, I couldn’t stand the suspense, so […]

Farm Week in Pictures 8/12/11 Indiana State Fair Edition!

Oh, it’s on special! I tweeted earlier today that I saw what were obviously non-farm people looking at the prices on some of the equipment on display and actually having there picture taken with the prices. I wonder what they … Continue rea…

Yesterday Afternoon

20110811-080115.jpgWe’ve been having some lovely weather here in South Dakota recently. Those of you in the South don’t hate, please? I got the chance to saddle Gump yesterday and move some pairs and I must say, it was a gorgeous ride! I took my iPhone and snapped a couple pictures. Someday folks, I will pack […]

Farm Week in Pictures 7/30/11

Wheat beans are taking off Popcorn around the lane Two items sold! Roof top view of beans from the barn Another view from the roof of popcorn Filed under: Pictures Tagged: Pictures, popcorn, soybeans

AgChat Conference 2011 Trip Project

We’re inside of a month until the 2011 AgChat Foundation Conference and I’m looking forward to meeting up with new friends and old ones. As some have seen in my previous  posts, the  AgChat foundation was set up for farmers of all types and sizes to learn to promote themselves in a way that paid […]

John Deere Green

Borrowed the big V rake from the neighbor..This past weekend I got to sit in a big green tractor with a very handsome cowboy, and rake hay. The field had already been raked once, but because it’s South Dakota and we have wind, more often than not, the windrows were ruined due to high wind. The coolest part of our little haying […]

Wordless Wednesday

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