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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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South Dakota Summer

I love his eyes!Summers here the best. Though we might have a 100 degree day here and there, it always cools off at night and even last week, I wanted a light jacket by 11pm. Don’t hate, please? I love this time of year. The grass is green and belly deep. It’s starting to go to seed, and […]

Farm Week in Pictures 7/22/11

Our hired hand Randy put this together to use on the forklift.  It has two styles of hitches and a loop to hang a chain from.  The silver pins run through the forks to hold it in place.  Move the … Continue reading →


Last week I got a chance to go out and see my mares and their babies. In typical *dragon form, my mare, Sonora (Nora) took herself and her colt, The Fridge, away from the rest of the herd. She doesn’t come by her nickname, The Dragon, for no reason. It’s more about how she looks […]

Farm Week in Pictures 7/15/11 Popcorn Special!

This week’s pictures turned out to be all about popcorn!  Didn’t plan it that, but apparently I was in the mood take pictures of popcorn this week.  Actually I never plan these posts out.  I just take pictures of things … Continue …

Wordless Wednesday

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Capture Dakota

I am entering a lot of my photos into a super cool contest and any help that you, my fans, and readers could give me would be much appreciated! It’s all about scenery from the Dakotas, and we all know how much I love living here and how often I capture the beauty of this […]

A Thing of the Past: Wordless Wednesday

Do you think your kids know what this is? Do you know what this is? I hope so. If you don’t know what this is, I will talk about it on Thursday. Emily Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family … Continue reading

Cone Flowers

Here on the prairie, there’s all kinds of lovely flowers in the spring and the summer. One of my all-time favorites is the Echinacea Flower or “Cone Flower” as it is commonly called. They’re gorgeous. And yesterday I finally got to see a field of “pink”. I got some really pretty shots, and even found […]