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Grandpa’s Friend

She wasn’t much of a cow dog and was scared of horses, but she knew what her purpose in life was. She started out as my wife’s dog, being cute, friendly and….just because. Eager to please and be a friend, she may have been timid, but was loyal to the end. When Grandpa lost his […]

Farm Week in Pictures 7/8/11

Most of the pictures this week are from wheat harvest.  If you want to see our harvest in action then look here. Another farmer’s field behind my house being sprayed. Little soybeans breaking through the wheat stubble Delivering wheat to ……

The Chicken Hotel

Based on Joel Salatin’s egg mobile, we are building a Chicken Hotel Continue reading

Summer Color

It’s blue skies, warm temperatures and GREEN around here! And it also smells phenomenal because the sweet clover and alfalfa are blooming. I’m here today for a little show and tell with this summer color. I have no idea what all the above flowers are- but I know the purple flowers are alfalfa. I hope […]

Farm week in Pictures 7/01/11

Wheat piled up in the combine Planter in the distance double cropping beans into the wheat The neighbors are harvesting wheat too.  Right up against the popcorn Another truckload ready to go! June 30th. Replanting beans.  Again.  And it’s rain…

Summer Green

You’ll have to pardon my blogging absence. I know that I have been sporadic at best. I wonder if there is anyone even still out there! I am about two weeks behind on blogging ranching activities, and someday I’ll get caught up. Someday. But in the meantime, we’ll look at some recent photos. Last week, […]

Hope’s Promise

A couple years ago we were given a beautiful paint horse (who of course, isn’t painted). Hope was orphaned at 18 hours old and was raised by some good friends of ours, and started by Zach about 6 years ago. The folks who raised her gave her to us when they got too busy to […]

7 Days Make a Difference on the Farm

I’ve been taking pictures every Monday of a field of soybeans and a field of popcorn right near our shop.  I started taking pictures at emergence and will continue to do so through harvest for a future blog post.  I … Continue reading

Weedy Wednesday

This is what happens to soybeans when it rains frequently, and it’s too wet for sprayers to get into fields.  Hope we dry out soon.
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Farm Week in Pictures 6/17/11

Loading soybeans instead of corn this week It’s called a dust mask for a reason Be careful, Dad! Done with the nitrogen applicator for the year Oil change time Some of our earliest corn looking good Water should be flowing … Continue reading