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It’s cold!

But there’s a layer of hoar frost on everything s […]

2014 Christmas Cards

People have been asking me for months when these would […]

A 2015 Giveaway

It’s that time of year again! Time for the 2015 C […]

Instagram Pretties

In case you can’t tell, life here has been insane […]

Horses in Black and White

I hope everyone is gearing up to have an awesome weeken […]

Luke and Linda’s Epic Wedding

So I have these friends/relatives of the cowboy. They’re epic and awesome. And… wait… for… it… Legend…ary! They had a multicultural wedding of sorts, though they had a traditional Lakota Ceremony (and I was not able to photograph the ceremony) but I did get to do photos before they tied the knot. It was a […]