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Current planting conditions

Dog Days of Summer are Here

Well it has been a long time since we last posted on here but there has been a lot going on and not much time to relax and take it easy.  So let me up date you on what has … Continue reading

Our Farm Week in Pictures

This is a picture of my son out in one of our earliest planted fields last week.  The pivot irrigation system is in the background. This corn is just beginning to canopy the row which will help conserve moisture and control weeds access to sunlight. Cleaning up the planter to put it away for the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Ridging corn for gravity irrigation

7 Days Make a Difference on the Farm

I’ve been taking pictures every Monday of a field of soybeans and a field of popcorn right near our shop.  I started taking pictures at emergence and will continue to do so through harvest for a future blog post.  I … Continue reading

Our Farm Week In Pictures 6/16/2011

Just a few pictures to get everyone updated on the happenings around our farm lately.  We are just finishing side-dressing the nitrogen on the corn.  We are currently cultivating and ridging the corn for gravity irrigation.  We are also in the process of getting irrigation motors ready for irrigation season and hauling some of last […]

Growing Your Own Food

Sometimes I think Farmers get a bad rap and are accused of being against the whole locavore, grow your own food movement.  I personally do not think anything could be further from the truth.  Fact is that Farmers like to grow things.  I know, ironic isn’t it, a farmer likes to get down and plant things […]

Weed Zappin’

If this hot, dry weather has been good for anything, it’s at least given me an opportunity to kill some weeds this week. This sounds easy enough, but it’s not as simple as dumping some chemicals into a tank and taking off across a field. Each herbici…

Our Farm in Pictures 6-7-2011

Today we are out fertilizing the corn crop. We are putting on Nitrogen and Sulfur.

Our Farm in Pictures 6-3-2011

Here is a few photos showing the progress of our crops this week.  The one crop I did not include is the alfalfa which is ready for the first cutting to be put down. The last picture is of our electrical controls at our bin site that were blown down in the wind a few […]