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Current planting conditions

This Time of Year.

Been a while since I actually wrote something, so I thought I would update everyone on what exactly we are doing now that our planting season is over.  This week we have been cleaning up the planting equipment and getting seed corn ready for returning.  This included breaking down the plastic boxes which carry our […]

Spreading fertilizer and waiting for rain

The local co-op delivered a fertilizer buggy full of ammonia nitrate to our farm this morning, along with 900 pounds of 0-20-20 in bags. I spent most of the morning pulling the buggy across hayfields (still 3 more acres to go) while one of our employee…


*I know we promised a post from Jared but he’s been tied up with some major planting issues so it will be a little while before we hear from him again!* Drought. It’s a word I’ve heard my entire life but never … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: planting corn

The Dairyman’s Blog

It’s finally time to plant some corn!

It’s taken a while, but we’re finally making some progress in the corn fields. We’re only planting 45 acres of silage corn this year, but all of it will be in my great-uncle’s fields in the Yellow Creek Bottom.  Even though there hasn’t been much …

Farm Week In Pictures

This is a picture of some of our soybeans pushing thru the soil.  The power of the plant is amazing!!!

Farm week in pictures 5/21/2011

  It was another busy week around the farm waiting for the rains to pass.  We were not able to get anything planted this week, but the week was full of lots of excitement.  Here are a few pictures from … Continue reading

No News is Good News

Haven’t really posted much for you to read lately, but that’s because we’ve been in the field planting!  I’ve been tweeting quite a bit from the tractor, but I can’t read or write much for an extended period without getting … Continue reading

Planting At Night With GPS Technology

This is a video blog of planting one evening this year.  Excuse the shakiness of the camera as some fields are not the smoothest.