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You gotta make hay while the sun shines!

Summer is truly my favorite time of the entire year.  The cows are contentedly grazing in the mountain pastures, calves are growing, the corn is stretching higher and higher towards the sun, and life is taking a somewhat slower pace than it does in the winter months. But even while baling hay on a gorgeous […]

Water, Rest, Shade

Water, rest, shade. Three simple, yet important, words that headline the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s heat stress awareness campaign. Hot weather means the human body must work harder to keep cool, especially in high humidity. Outdoor workers are the most susceptible to heat illness, which can “range from heat rash and heat cramps to […]

Why We’re Saying ‘That’s Enough’ – #DitchTheRule

By Kacey Clay Have you ever been asked to do something and before you could think about it you said yes? My husband and I were in that position recently. A couple of months ago Missouri Farm Bureau contacted us with a “crazy idea” – creating a parody of the song “Let It Go” from […]

STEM Festival ‘Sustainability Pavilion’ Features My American Farm

Agriculture offers an incredible medium for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). My American Farm helped spread this message at this year’s USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. The festival is a national grassroots effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. More than 250,000 visitors […]

USDA Grant Helps Wyoming Farmers Study Costs, Benefits of Milk Processing Plant

Faced with having to ship their milk a far-too-costly 500 miles to be processed and bottled, the Cody, Wyoming-based George family is looking closely at the advantages and drawbacks of building and operating their own milk processing plant. With the help of a value-added producer grant from USDA, the family is evaluating local markets for […]

It’s Never Easy

By Alex Wright I can’t recall when the last time was that we had a “normal” Spring in New York. I guess if you averaged all the years together, the really wet ones, the cold ones, the hot ones and dry ones would cancel each other out, creating the idealistic image of a perfect Spring. […]

Homegrown By Heroes Transcends Memorial Day

The Farmer Veteran Coalition recently announced the national launch of the Homegrown By Heroes initiative. The timing of the roll-out close to Memorial Day is terrific, as much of America is thinking about and honoring those have served our nation in the armed forces. But Homegrown By Heroes transcends Memorial Day. The product labeling program […]

Arkansas Dairy Supports Ditch the Rule

by Susan Anglin After little rain in the month of April, mud puddles and water standing in the pastures and fields is a welcome sight. This has always been a very expected outcome after a good rain in Northwest Arkansas! Normal Arkansas weather outcomes could become costly if the Environmental Protection Agency, lovingly known as […]

Navigate Common Sense and Ditch the Rule

A couple of weeks ago the rain started early one Sunday morning and did not let up until almost noon. It was a rain like we had not had in a long time (I am sorry for my drought-stricken friends, this may be a little hard to read). It was a great rain, it came […]

Farm Accidents Will Happen

By Liz Foster Sarah Young Teskey, former Yavapai County Farm Bureau President and now a Rager Emergency Services volunteer in Oregon, remembers all too well the importance of first-aid training when an accident happens in a remote area of a farm or ranch. Arizona Farm Bureau members until they moved out-of-state, Sarah and her family […]