Ugh…The Kids Dentist Appointment

Today I woke up knowing it would be a busy day of rushing here and there. The kids had dentist appointments at two this afternoon, and the dentist is about 75 miles from the farm. I had two conference calls … Continue reading →

Forest Thinning Would Yield Additional Water

  As the state looks for ways to meet ever-increasing water demands for a growing population and environmental needs, a representative from the California Forestry Association says the state should consider how much water is being transpired through the overly dense national forests of the Sierra Nevada. California could have plentiful, quality water in the…

Calves and Ranch Life

Just yesterday, Dominic tells me part of a Bay tree had fallen in the calf pasture on the ranch property behind Stafford Lake and it needed to be cleared away. 
After picking up some hay for Joey from town, Paige and I drove out to meet Dominic.

Revisiting the Missouri Prop B 2010 Initiative

Many people I meet ask me why Missouri farmers have been so concerned about provisions of Proposition B, the ill conceived ballot measure that slapped numerous negative penalties and few positive solutions on Missouri dog breeders. Here’s why.   My …

You Think We Would Know It All by Now

The truth is we humans do not know it all and probably never will. I know that God and I will have lots of funny stories to swap some day. Continue reading

Spring Harvest On The Farm Update

As we are getting on with our spring pickle crop, it is amazing to see the yields and quality of pickles that are being harvested. The early pickle vines were in rough shape due the high winds and rains a couple of weeks ago and it was an anxious time. I must give credit to – and brag about – our farm team for the care and attention that they gave to our crops to get the water off as fast as possible and nurse them back to health.

Also amazing is the fact that the sweet corn really came out of the wind and rain nicely. After seeing it blown over and water-logged, we were happy to see it standing straight and tall once again.

So far this season our pest pressures have been very light so we have done very little spraying and only used bio-friendly chemicals for the most part.

It looks like the corn is going to be early by a week or so and until the Market opens on the 29th, we will have corn for sale on east side of highway 441 across from Orlando North Airport ( just south of Zellwood), as soon as it is ready.

All is well down here on the farm so far this spring season, but please don’t hesitate to send us your concerns or questions. In the meantime, we’ll look forward to seeing you for the opening of Scott’s Country Market on April 29th!

Hank Scott