View from the planter

This is a view from the tractor.  We are currently planting corn into last years soybean stubble.  This is a no-till field.  We are using GPS guidance on the tractor to steer through the field.  All seed is prescription based on prior years data and our ability to irrigate. Irrigated ground is planted at 34,000 […]

Lessons Learned While Wearing a Tie

In GriggsDakota there is a boy who has many lessons to learn. Sometimes the boy learns lessons while wearing a uniform.And sometimes with practice. Or by listening and observing. He has learned some lessons the hard way. Lessons wer…

I Raise My Hand for Chocolate Milk! How about you?

I recently read that Chocolate Milk is under attack yet again by the media and health officials for being unhealthy for kids.  The very thought of banning Chocolate Milk from schools makes me cringe!  I remember my grade school years, and how…

Corn Use, Food Prices, and Ethanol

High commodity prices have reignited the food versus fuel debate.  Not that it ever really went away, but with farmers reaping high prices for several months now you can see how it’s easy for those who don’t have the right … Continue reading


It’s that time of year again….time to move our natural beef cows to the 800 acres up the hill, behind Stafford Lake, where they will graze until September.  They’ve been down on the flat pasture land since September, which&nb…

Hunk of Meat Monday: Lamb (or Pork) Spareribs with Rosemary, Garlic and Honey

Last few years Samantha has been raising sheep as a 4-H project. This is a small project, but Tim and I have the benefit of being the only ones to like lamb (besides Samantha), so we get first dibs on … Continue reading