Day 2 of the Great Snow/Ice Storm

I thought yesterday was a rough day but it turns out it was nothing compared to today.  We decided I should get to the mill early this morning to help answer the phones and pay the bills.  Tuesday’s are the days … Continue reading →

Day 3 of the Great Snow/Ice Storm

Today was a challenge but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.  We were greeted this morining with over 20 inches of snow that had drifted through the night.  Kevin had to walk to the machine shed to get a tractor and blade.  He … Continue …

We Survived!

The snow and ice made our job of caring for our hogs and cattle more challenging but we survived! We are lucky to have our modern hog barns to help us protect our hogs from this rough winter. Our hogs … Continue reading →

Friends of America’s Heartland Are Rallying Support

A few years back the reality TV Show America’s Heartland came to our farm to give millions of American’s a look inside our modern day family hog farm. It was a great experience for our family, especially for our kids. … Continue reading →