What Kind of World

As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s natural to think of those things, situations and people we’re thankful for. I recently read “It’s a God Thing” and the incredible stories are inspiring. When there’s good things it’s easy to be hopeful – when it’s bad things, faith is needed. Today embraces a beginning and an aftermath. The […]

Calf with a broken leg

Calves are born on our farm daily. They usually get up and start walking around within an hour after birth. But that wasn’t the case with a heifer calf born a few days ago. Shortly after she entered the world, it appears her mother accidently stepped on her back leg breaking it.

She needed medical attention, so Lad, Josue and Marco got to work helping this calf. An injury like this is rare on our farm. A splint was made, then the leg was set with the cloth-lined pipe splint before being bound with hoof wrap.

She’s a tough, strong calf

The calf was treated with anti-inflammatory and penicillin for the pain and swelling. She’s doing well and currently resting in the soft, cozy straw bed inside her hutch.

In a week, the splint will be taken off to check the leg. Then the dressing and splint will be re-applied.

She’s protected from the wind and cold
Everything is being done to help her leg heal so she recovers and becomes a healthy heifer.

The Turkey as The National Symbol?

Soon it will be Thanksgiving, the day most of us will eat turkey. We have had wild turkey flocks in GriggsDakota, although predators like coyotes, bald eagles and owls, have caused their numbers to dwindle.  I wondered how it was that a brilliant …

Great Gifts for Dad When Money is Tight

Dads vary widely in interests, likes, dislikes, imperfections and perfections. There is no gift we can give most dads that is close to that which they give us, but sometimes money is tight. Presents for dads becomes gift bargains for dads and – stretched further – outright cheap gifts for dads. What to do when […]