One Apple is a Start

 We found a red apple on one of our apple trees. It is the only apple that we have ever raised in this yard.Last Spring it had been three years since we planted the apple trees in our yard. There are several varieties, but I did notice that the Ha…

Conversations, Communication, Personal Attacks

Ever had someone attack you for reasons you don’t understand? Ever had someone misrepresent what you do? Ever try to correct it based on personal experience and get a patronizing “you just need educated” or “go back and learn”? Ever want to hurl insults, nasty names and full on defense on a personal attack? I […]

Desperate Measures in GMO Info Wars

Someone said once the truth will set you free. It might, or it might condemn you. Increasingly, twisted truth shows how much people don’t know and how anything for the cause fear factor issues are not truth. Fear factor causes unnecessary stress for consumers who then fear what’s in their food. If the truth was […]

Corn is Maturing

 It is now clear to see which places in the corn field were most damaged by frost. But all of the corn was not affected. Corn cob maturation will continue, as long as the stalk is alive, despite the brown leaves. After the 2011 September…