Silly Goose Seeks a Home

On the snowy road there was a goose. I am going to assume that he is a silly goose as all his goose companions have left GriggsDakota. This Canada goose seemed intent on getting the mail for Grandpa Sonny. In truth it seems that he is an inju…

Slow Money and Slow Growing

For the last couple days I’ve been listening to the live stream from #SlowMoney14 and incredible farms and people doing awesome things for their community food supplies. I hear a few things I don’t agree with, a few things that seem preaching to the choir and inspiration of those who face similar obstacles and are […]

Feeling Thankful

Somehow this fall I lost an entire month. It could have had something to do with twenty four days that I spent gallivanting around Europe this past month as a McCloy fellow.  All I know is that I left West Virginia when it was green, sunny, and 75 degrees.  The cattle were still happily grazing […]