What is The Cost of Production?

 It’s easy to imagine gold in a ripe wheat field. Explaining the cost of turning wheat seed into a crop of ripe wheat is more complicated.   Her adult life has been spent living off the farm and Iris tells me that she has had many c…

Spring Beginnings

With baby bunnies being born, it’s a spring event but also goes year round here. Spring is in full swing here, with tomatoes and pepper seedlings growing. Today we started another tray of Beaver Dam peppers, as well as mortgage lifter tomatoes. Our early seedlings – done a few weeks ago – are almost ready [...]

Daily Farmer March 27, 2012

Little People, Community & Food Twilight Zones For those “classic” readers (I dislike the reference of older readers, and if cars are classic at 40 shouldn’t we be?!) – many remember the old episodes of the Twilight Zone…. Read More! Geese Who? A couple weeks ago, I noticed some squawking going on. Now this really isn’t anything big since it is spring and the geese to like to make a racket as they fly overhead, headed North for the… Read More! The Start of Spring Work and Documentation On Our Farm Spring work is in full swing at our farm theses days. This is probbly the earliest we have been able to get field work done that I can remember. It was a very mild winter and that in turn will… Read More! Daily Farmer March 26, 2012 The Lonely Tom Eyes and cameras can play tricks. This is not a smoking street light.It is a windblown vapor trail on a warm March evening which tricked me in feeling like Summer. There is a… Read More!