Prom Pictures

I promised these a while back and I’m just now getting around to them. It was prom night a couple weekends ago so I thought I’d show off some the Cowboy’s pretty daughter and some very colorful dresses!

Prom in a small town is done quite differently than it is say, when you grow up where I do, in a high school with 3500 students. Up here, everyone goes to prom, not just juniors and seniors (or underclassmen that get asked by a junior or senior). They have a grand march- where every couple gets announced. If they’d have done that for our junior senior prom we’d have never got to dance! Plus they let the parents come in to take photographs before, during and after the grand march- then they kick us out and let the kids be. There were no parents anywhere near our prom. At least not that I recall. It was a long time ago, after all.

That said, it’s quite an affair and is fun, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots!

There’s always pretty hair:

Girls being crazy!

From L-R: Zach’s daughter Kelsey, nieces, Katie and Cindy

Creative Corsages:

I don’t know that anyone here uses real flowers in their corsages. That was unheard of when I was growing up. Or maybe it’s a product of where I grew up? It’s not like there’s a florist on every corner around here! Did y’all use real or fake flowers at your proms?

Proud Parents:

There’s garters and flip flops and cowboy boots! Oh my!

Sassy dresses:

The above dress was a particular favorite of mine. Animal print and turquoise. I mean, really? Can it be cooler than that?

It was a “Hollywood” Themed night!

There was a spotlight and a walk down the red carpet for every couple (I won’t show them all!):

Lots of matching was going on!

These shoes! Oh these shoes!

I love this photo of our niece, Katy and her date:

And now that I’ve sufficiently bored you- let’s cut loose to the junior class being introduced again:

The juniors are who do all the work to put on the prom.

Three crazy amigos!

And that concludes our tour of prom. What do you remember from your high school prom? I’d love to know!

Happy Trails!

PS. Don’t forget my contest ends at noon today! I’ll be announcing the winner this week!