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Daily Digest May 4, 2011

So Why’s your farm called Orange Patch Dairy??? After writing this blog since 2009, I realized I have never posted about why we call our farm “Orange Patch Dairy”…interesting, since that’s a really good story….so here we go….My husband Jon,……

Daily Digest May 3, 2011

Why Farmer Bloggers? The vision behind this project is to bring together many of the great blogs various farmers have been maintaining together in one spot yet maintain the individual blogs identity. After several…  Read More! The Dairy Cows are on Pasture I was…

Happy Anniversary AgChat!!

Today, AgChat is celebrating its second anniversary as an online community discussion and first anniversary as a nonprofit foundation. Tim and I are proud to be involved with such an amazing group of farmers, ranchers and agriculturalists. Tim serves on … Continue reading

Changes coming quickly!

As I took a look out this morning at the sun shining on the fields I remembered that I took a look at the calendar yesterday to see what was going on and came to the realization that we are just about 4-5 weeks away from the time we will be putting our first corn […]