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May 5 minute break

Growing up there was a retreat near water – simply by wandering down to the creek.Take one any time from where you are!

Murphy’s Law

If something can go wrong it will – and it seems like it’s never more true than in agriculture. We had three litters of giant chinchillas born – one was lost. The first few to ants (yes ants are lethal to bunnies if they get in a nest box) then the first time mama ‘overcared’ […]

Bad Monday, Better Tuesday (so far)

Monday wasn’t the best day for our farm, at least as far as the spring forage harvest is concerned.  We were able to chop, haul, and pack 16 loads of oat silage yesterday with no problems save a couple of minor chain issues and a flat tire on the …

Progressive Decisions

“I learned that being in charge means making decisions, no matter how unpleasant. If it’s broke, fix it. When you do, you win the gratitude of the people who have been suffering under the bad situation.” This comment from Colin Powell’s “My American Journey” is true of more than military issues – it’s LIFE. It […]

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, the day when presumably more people give thought to what they can do to improve the natural splendor and conserve the precious resources of our planet.  Do farmers and ranchers celebrate Earth Day? For me and probably lots of o…

Chicken Injuries

Recently we had a Cochin pullet somehow get injured. Although not serious in a life threatening kind of way, to speed healing and reduce infection we treated it. It made a topic for a short video that we’ll include in the blog today. This chick is in “Chick ICU” and healing up well. She’ll not […]

Double Standards and Bad Days

So today started bad. Lightning flashing, wind blowing, cold rain at 5 a.m. meant instantly waking to dash out and drop tarps over babies, insuring covers are over chicks. All seemed content but a few hours later told a different story with several young pullets lost. It appears to be only partly storm related, with […]

You Think We Would Know It All by Now

The truth is we humans do not know it all and probably never will. I know that God and I will have lots of funny stories to swap some day. Continue reading

Spring Harvest Update

the hay conditioner (foreground) cuts and crushes the rye before it ischopped by the forage harvester (background)We started harvesting our spring forages this week.  Harvesting is pretty labor-intensive,  as it involves cutting the crop…

Wordless Wednesday: chopping rye

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