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Calf and Animal Care is our Number One!

On our farm, animal care is our number one priority. We care for all their needs often before our own. Continue reading

Too mad to go to bed!

ARG!  Looks like Mercy for Animals (MFA) found yet another example of abuse in the livestock industry.  I watched their video, which they will be releasing to the press tomorrow, but it did not sit well with me at all (I’m so MAD at thes…

Calves and Ranch Life

Just yesterday, Dominic tells me part of a Bay tree had fallen in the calf pasture on the ranch property behind Stafford Lake and it needed to be cleared away. 
After picking up some hay for Joey from town, Paige and I drove out to meet Dominic.

Brittney the calf and the Ferorious Beast

The area in front of our house this time of year contains 15 or so calves….well, right now there are eight because the other seven jumped the fence into the heifer pasture, but that’s a whole other story. 
It’s fun to have Brittney near our hou…

Why we LOVE Dairy…new video!

Please check out our latest video…”Why we LOVE Dairy”.  It’s a short video feature only a small sampling of the things we love about the role we have in feeding the world.  It features pictures from spring/summer 2010, which I couldn’t help…