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Agriculture is Agriculture and We Need to Work Together

There are so many ways for people to raise crops and livestock.  Not only are the products diverse, but so are the methods of production as well as the producers themselves.  Unfortunately there is often a divide between certain types … Continue reading

Corn Use, Food Prices, and Ethanol

High commodity prices have reignited the food versus fuel debate.  Not that it ever really went away, but with farmers reaping high prices for several months now you can see how it’s easy for those who don’t have the right … Continue reading

With high feed costs, we are Planning Ahead….

Well April is here! The weather has really improved in the past few days!  We are enjoying more moderate temperatures and sunshine!  Needless to say, we are working overtime on projects and getting a lot accomplished, but today was for planni…

Corn Production 101: Why are corn prices so high?

As I write this post, the current price of corn at my local elevator stands at $6.48 per bushel.  That is a historically high price for corn, why?  In no particular order, here are some observations. 1)  Demand for corn. Look at this chart from Kansas State University showing demand for corn on a steady, […]

Al Gore Confirms what Dairy Farmers Know – U.S. Corn Ethanol is Not Good Policy

Last week, Al Gore had an epiphany that many dairy farmers had several years ago; corn-based ethanol is not good policy. He admitted he “made the mistake” of supporting corn-based ethanol to win votes from the farming population in Iowa and Tenness…