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The Dairy Cows are on Pasture

I was going to blog about something else today, but it will have to wait. THE DAIRY COWS ARE ON PASTURE! We thought this day would never come. Today, the weather is in the upper 50′s and sunny. That is … Continue reading

The Future of Our Herd: Calves and Boys

When the boys and I were at our dairy Saturday afternoon, we visited the calf pen. These heifers are about 4 months old and were eager to play with us. We were glad to spend time with them – fun was had by all!The calves like the attention from Lad and…

Public Service Announcement – Drive Safe!

Sometimes it is not just cows and farming we deal with on the dairy! Tonight it was a driver in a hurry that made my night interesting. Please don’t pass trucks on the right side when they are making a turn. Our milk tanker made a wide right turn into our driveway and this potentially distracted driver … Continue reading »

Calf and Animal Care is our Number One!

On our farm, animal care is our number one priority. We care for all their needs often before our own. Continue reading

Cows are Thirsty Enough to Drink a Bathtub Full of Water Everyday!

Water is an essential part of a cow’s diet. Dairy cows drink 30-50 gallons (about a bathtub full) of water each day. At our farm, every pen has several water troughs that provide an unlimited amount of free-choice water to the cows. One of t…

Praying for those in Japan and Protecting Dairy at Home

We continue to pray for those in Japan. Continue reading

Introducing Hastings Dairy Tours & Events

Welcome to Hastings Dairy!This spring we’re starting a new venture on our farm – Hastings Dairy Tours & Events. Our mission is giving consumers the opportunity to learn about animal agriculture by experiencing a working farm. Our farm will be…

The Legacy of Duane Hastings

One of the perks of dairy farming is the opportunity to work with family. My husband, Lad, and I grew up in the dairy industry which has shaped who we are today. This week Lad’s father, Duane Hastings, will celebrate his 75th birthday. This post …

The News Is Just In, 3 A Day Dairy Will Help You Stay Healthy and Trim

The recently released 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage 3 daily servings of low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products. These evidence-based nutritional guidelines are developed by the federal government to promote health, reduce the r…

Hey Oprah – You Don’t Have to Go Vegan to Be Healthy and Compassionate

Like many American’s, I watched Oprah’s Vegan Challenge last Tuesday as she and 378 of her staff went vegan for 7 days. The show featured two authors, a tour of the Cargill meat processing facility and clips from the week as her staff experienc…