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May 5 minute break

Growing up there was a retreat near water – simply by wandering down to the creek.Take one any time from where you are!

Preparedness pays! Alabama Storms

Through blogs and articles trying to help others understand the importance of stocking up, there was new life blown into that idea this last few days. Apologies to regular readers, and thanks to friends who called from out of the area to check. Thanks to Janice for her blog about the situation here and posting […]

Murphy’s Law

If something can go wrong it will – and it seems like it’s never more true than in agriculture. We had three litters of giant chinchillas born – one was lost. The first few to ants (yes ants are lethal to bunnies if they get in a nest box) then the first time mama ‘overcared’ […]

Progressive Decisions

“I learned that being in charge means making decisions, no matter how unpleasant. If it’s broke, fix it. When you do, you win the gratitude of the people who have been suffering under the bad situation.” This comment from Colin Powell’s “My American Journey” is true of more than military issues – it’s LIFE. It […]

Easter Symbols and Leadership

Each holiday has symbols that are associated it and for Easter there are many, both from a ‘religious’ standpoint and a ‘non-religious’ one. The latter is heavy on Easter rabbits and young poultry, both chicks and ducklings. The leadership can be on several levels, from a local church or community group to governments to Jesus, […]

Stormy Weather

When storms blow in it can mean taking fast action to avoid loss, or minimize loss. This was the case last night with torrential rains, wind and nasty weather blowing into the area. Bella bolted out the door and disappeared, probably under the mobile, and didn’t reappear until this morning – wet but unscathed. We […]

Double Standards and Bad Days

So today started bad. Lightning flashing, wind blowing, cold rain at 5 a.m. meant instantly waking to dash out and drop tarps over babies, insuring covers are over chicks. All seemed content but a few hours later told a different story with several young pullets lost. It appears to be only partly storm related, with […]