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So Why’s your farm called Orange Patch Dairy???

After writing this blog since 2009, I realized I have never posted about why we call our farm “Orange Patch Dairy”…interesting, since that’s a really good story….so here we go….My husband Jon, who I have had the good fortune of knowing my ENTIRE …

May 5 minute break

Growing up there was a retreat near water – simply by wandering down to the creek.Take one any time from where you are!

Free ranging hens (at least for today)

Finally we are having a sunny and warm day. We let the hens out of their normal hen run to do a little free ranging. They seem to really like the dirt under our lilacs. Need eggs? Give us a … Continue reading

Taking a break clearing trees

To get our pastures ready for cows, Jon, Tim and friend Ed spent today clearing Cedar trees.
The boys and I brought out some lunches. Then sat a safe distance away watching and enjoying the sunshine.

Chicken Injuries

Recently we had a Cochin pullet somehow get injured. Although not serious in a life threatening kind of way, to speed healing and reduce infection we treated it. It made a topic for a short video that we’ll include in the blog today. This chick is in “Chick ICU” and healing up well. She’ll not […]

April 2010 vs April 2011-No Need For Words

When will we ever see spring? Continue reading

No Mercy for Animal Abuse

I just watched a horrific video filmed by a vegan activist group about how one farm very clearly did not care for the welfare and health of the dairy calves.  I just want to say that I am outraged; nobody … Continue reading

What Does an #Agnerd Do on His Lunch Break?

I get out my Droid and catch up on any emails, retweets, etc I may have missed.  Then I scan twitter for any interesting stuff I can comment on, read, or retweet.  Then it’s time for a few rounds of … Continue reading

Busy Breeding Day

  It has been an extremely busy day here at the Haley homestead.  By midnight tonight we will have bred cows 14 times, 4 of those are donor cows that were bred 2 or 3 times today and yes these … Continue reading

Recycling on the Farm

Farmers do a lot of recycling.  It’s amazing sometimes how much scrap metal we seem to come up with in a year.  Between used up sweeps, points, discs, chains, and more from field equipment to stuff that has become junk … Continue reading