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Earth Day, Every Day, On The Ranch

Every day is Earth Day on our ranch, that is part of the reason we do what we do. We take a holistic approach to management. Riparian Zone The Scott River flows through the middle of our ranch. Over the past several decades we have stabilized and fenced two miles of river and planted over […]

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, the day when presumably more people give thought to what they can do to improve the natural splendor and conserve the precious resources of our planet.  Do farmers and ranchers celebrate Earth Day? For me and probably lots of o…

Agriculture is Agriculture and We Need to Work Together

There are so many ways for people to raise crops and livestock.  Not only are the products diverse, but so are the methods of production as well as the producers themselves.  Unfortunately there is often a divide between certain types … Continue reading

You Think We Would Know It All by Now

The truth is we humans do not know it all and probably never will. I know that God and I will have lots of funny stories to swap some day. Continue reading

Corn Use, Food Prices, and Ethanol

High commodity prices have reignited the food versus fuel debate.  Not that it ever really went away, but with farmers reaping high prices for several months now you can see how it’s easy for those who don’t have the right … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary AgChat!!

Today, AgChat is celebrating its second anniversary as an online community discussion and first anniversary as a nonprofit foundation. Tim and I are proud to be involved with such an amazing group of farmers, ranchers and agriculturalists. Tim serves on … Continue reading

If you….#agnerd

First, some of you may be wondering; what is this #agnerd hashtag and where did it come from? Definition Agnerd (ag-nurd) noun.  Slang.  1. A person pursuing knowledge in technology, science and/or obscure facts who also has an interest in or actively participates in the agriculture community.  2. A mythical creature thought to only exist on […]

Size Is Relative

Big is bad, small is good, organic is healthy, conventional kills you, grass-fed is better for you, grain-fed is wasteful, families are good, and corporations are evil….. The pontificating purveyors of perpetual rhetoric have been rather vocal lately.  Once again, discussion is swarming around the issue of the size of farms and ranches; the proverbial “good vs. evil.”  To most […]

A Letter of Thanks for Common Sense

My friend, Jeff Fowle,  is a rancher from Etna, CA, and the person who inspired me to pursue social media as a positive way to communicate my story to the world.   So simple (not for those technically challenged like me)…he tells his day-to-day experiences from the back of a horse, the seat of a pickup, the end of…

The Baler Rolls – a song about baling hay

Yesterday afternoon we baled what will probably be the last of our bermudagrass hay of the summer. With that in mind, I decided I should try to get a few minutes of video before the baler finished it’s duty for the season. As I filmed my father harve…