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The Farmer’s Knife

 This farmer’s knife anyway.  My handyman brother-in-law visited from Arizona and took notice of how dull my knife was.  I thought about that for a second and realized the reason the blade isn’t usually sharp is because it’s not really … Continue reading

Top 10 Things a Farmer Can Do While Waiting for the Weather to Break

According to my Purdue Extension Corn & Soybean Field Guide 2010 Edition the optimum time to plant corn in my area is the last week of April.  The last week of April begins in three days, and seeing as the … Continue reading

What Does an #Agnerd Do on His Lunch Break?

I get out my Droid and catch up on any emails, retweets, etc I may have missed.  Then I scan twitter for any interesting stuff I can comment on, read, or retweet.  Then it’s time for a few rounds of … Continue reading

Forestry 101

No, I’m not writing this because I’m a forestry expert, I’m writing this because I spent the afternoon with one.  We have a neighbor who has recently purchased some woods that are adjacent to some that we own.  He had … Continue reading

Recycling on the Farm

Farmers do a lot of recycling.  It’s amazing sometimes how much scrap metal we seem to come up with in a year.  Between used up sweeps, points, discs, chains, and more from field equipment to stuff that has become junk … Continue reading