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The Dairy Cows are on Pasture

I was going to blog about something else today, but it will have to wait. THE DAIRY COWS ARE ON PASTURE! We thought this day would never come. Today, the weather is in the upper 50′s and sunny. That is … Continue reading

Free ranging hens (at least for today)

Finally we are having a sunny and warm day. We let the hens out of their normal hen run to do a little free ranging. They seem to really like the dirt under our lilacs. Need eggs? Give us a … Continue reading

Agriculture is Agriculture and We Need to Work Together

There are so many ways for people to raise crops and livestock.  Not only are the products diverse, but so are the methods of production as well as the producers themselves.  Unfortunately there is often a divide between certain types … Continue reading

Hunk of Meat Monday: Hamburgers, Brats and Amazing Hot Dogs!!

Even though us tough Minnesota types will grill outside when it is negative 20 degrees, 50 degrees and sunny really brings out the charcoal and gas kings. Continue reading

Size Is Relative

Big is bad, small is good, organic is healthy, conventional kills you, grass-fed is better for you, grain-fed is wasteful, families are good, and corporations are evil….. The pontificating purveyors of perpetual rhetoric have been rather vocal lately.  Once again, discussion is swarming around the issue of the size of farms and ranches; the proverbial “good vs. evil.”  To most […]

Food, Inc. or Black Sheep?

I recently watched the movies Food, Inc., King Corn, Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me. These movies are portrayed as factual documentaries about the American food system. The messages are similar; 1) big farms are bad, small farms are good, 2) con…