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Yesterday, in Photos

It was a nearly perfect spring day yesterday! And as such we got horseback and did some work. It’s time to start sorting off the dry cows. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, a dry cow, is a cow that has sloughed her calf, or lost it in some other form or fashion, […]

Prom Pictures

I promised these a while back and I’m just now getting around to them. It was prom night a couple weekends ago so I thought I’d show off some the Cowboy’s pretty daughter and some very colorful dresses! Prom in a small town is done quite differently than it is say, when you grow up […]

The View From Here

It snowed all day yesterday, and by the looks of things this morning, another couple inches (at least) overnight. Here’s what it looks like this morning: This photo is brought to you, courtesy of Instagr.am and my new iPhone. The phone gets turned on tomorrow, so in the meantime, I’m making it mine, and getting […]

A Photo Contest

Last week I entered a photography contest at Beef Magazine, for Calves and Cowboys. The photo I entered won’t come as any surprise to y’all: Needless to say I was thrilled to have been selected as a finalist! Now, what I need you to do is go vote! And by the way- you know that […]

Dino’s Daily Dose – Day 8 – Do you have a camera?

Why, yes I do! Actually, this question came from me. I didn’t really have time to write anything today so instead I am going to show some travel pictures. Fair…