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Yesterday, in Photos

It was a nearly perfect spring day yesterday! And as such we got horseback and did some work. It’s time to start sorting off the dry cows. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, a dry cow, is a cow that has sloughed her calf, or lost it in some other form or fashion, […]

A Day in the Life

Last week, if you’ll recall was a reckless week of activity and rotten weather. There was snow and rain and mud and that made for well, a mess. There was death and life and mess, after muddy mess. But in the end, it’s all worth it. I’m going to show you why. I thought, or […]

It’s a Baby and a Contest!

It’s that most glorious time of the year! Time for babies and green grass, Wild onions and wild flowers Blue skies and dry ground! I said, babies, right? It’s Spring! Glorious, wonderful, super fun, Spring! I knew that my mare, Shuttle was getting close, but she really surprised me yesterday morning, because when I headed […]

Earth Day, Every Day, On The Ranch

Every day is Earth Day on our ranch, that is part of the reason we do what we do. We take a holistic approach to management. Riparian Zone The Scott River flows through the middle of our ranch. Over the past several decades we have stabilized and fenced two miles of river and planted over […]

A Happy Ending

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity- or so it seems to me. The weather won’t give us a break, and the calves, well they just keeping coming. It’s been bittersweet, these past few days. There’s been lots of bad but you know what? The good always outweighs the bad. Always. Last […]

A Day in the Life

Last Thursday it began to snow. And snow it did. All night, and into the next day until about 2pm or so. It dumped about a foot on us! And it’s April, people! APRIL! South Dakota is notorious for April snow showers, so really it shouldn’t be a surprise. It does make, however, calving cows […]

The View From Here

It snowed all day yesterday, and by the looks of things this morning, another couple inches (at least) overnight. Here’s what it looks like this morning: This photo is brought to you, courtesy of Instagr.am and my new iPhone. The phone gets turned on tomorrow, so in the meantime, I’m making it mine, and getting […]

A Photo Contest

Last week I entered a photography contest at Beef Magazine, for Calves and Cowboys. The photo I entered won’t come as any surprise to y’all: Needless to say I was thrilled to have been selected as a finalist! Now, what I need you to do is go vote! And by the way- you know that […]

A Brumby

Two weekends ago, a herd of horses came trotting down the road. Most of them are saddle horses belonging to a neighbor. They got the jump on him and found his gate open! And like good saddle horses, they went through it. Those 7 were simply interested in taking a tour of our place and […]

Photos, Private Property and Politics

There has been a fair amount of discussion recently over legislation being submitted across the country that would make it illegal for someone to photograph or shoot video on agricultural operations without the permission of the owner. Discussions on this type of legislation has been very polar, with folks either in full support or adamantly […]