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A farmer reflects on World Earth Day 2011

This Friday, April 22nd the world will commemorate  Earth Day.   Wikipedia tells us it is a “a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment” I don’t know the full range of activities that will take place this Friday, but I suspect there will be plenty of rousing speeches, […]

Have I become “Big Ag”?

Two days worth of corn are in the ground, it rained yesterday, so early this morning we had a meeting with three of the four people involved in the day to day operation of our farm.  The point of our meeting was to review the start of planting season, how it went, and what we […]

Praying for those in the Japan Tsunami

Woke up this morning to news of the awful destruction in Japan.  It’s a bit surreal to go to bed with the major world headlines being the turmoil in the Middle East, and wake up having read news reports across many sites and not seen a single thing about that conflict today in the top […]

Changes coming quickly!

As I took a look out this morning at the sun shining on the fields I remembered that I took a look at the calendar yesterday to see what was going on and came to the realization that we are just about 4-5 weeks away from the time we will be putting our first corn […]

Reflections on food while traveling

Recently, I’ve been on the road, or in the air a lot.  Fortunately my travel schedule has slowed and I can start preparing for the spring farming season.  It’s also a time to reflect back on some of the experiences while gone.  Several things stand out, it was a busy but successful time, and hopefully […]