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Farmers keep topping selves to feed the world

Here is an article from my local county that looks into the gains in production and efficiency farmers have made through the decades.   Stanislaus County farmers keep topping selves to feed the world – Agriculture – Modbee.com. In 1892, federal records show, wheat farmers in California produced an average of 0.44 tons per acre. … Continue reading »

Wordless Wednesday-Loading Corn out of the Bins

Dreaming of being a farmer

This is a story of a single farm kid.  A farm kid whose been my agronomist and seed dealer for several years.  He’s fulfilling a dream today, he’s headed home to the farm.  It’s something that’s hard to explain, but a fairly large percentage of the folks working in agriculture today grew up as “farm […]

Food production: a reality check

So, I “wasted” an afternoon b/c there were accusations flying around on blogs and Twitter about how the AgChat Foundation that I was involved in founding was a “pseudo non-profit organization that is driven by large bureaucratic entities and corporations”.  Well, I guess I missed that part as we worked through creating and building the […]

How big a farmer am I?

I’ve often said, before I got involved in social media, my primary outside the farm information sources talked continually of the consolidation occurring in agriculture, the reality that you either need to “get big” or “get out.”  By their definitions, it would be easy to consider my small family farm too small to be sustainable. […]

What’s wrong with kids these days?

So, this is now the third day the kids are home from school.  I’m not usually one for believing in things like “cabin fever”.  I’ll admit it’s one of those times that I usually need a bit more understanding is when I come in and Marci says the kids just have something in them today. […]