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A Happy Ending

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity- or so it seems to me. The weather won’t give us a break, and the calves, well they just keeping coming. It’s been bittersweet, these past few days. There’s been lots of bad but you know what? The good always outweighs the bad. Always. Last […]

A Day in the Life

Last Thursday it began to snow. And snow it did. All night, and into the next day until about 2pm or so. It dumped about a foot on us! And it’s April, people! APRIL! South Dakota is notorious for April snow showers, so really it shouldn’t be a surprise. It does make, however, calving cows […]

Still waiting on the wet stuff

We’re still facing dry conditions here on the farm, and our fall forage planting will continued to be delayed until a fair amount of rain can fall. The US Drought Monitor currently has us designated as D0, or “abnormally dry”. I expect that we’ll be …

It’s still summertime on the farm

Even though it is now technically “Fall”, the continued dry weather and heat would certainly make a person think it’s still summertime. Our milking cows are still coming to cool in the barns by mid-morning, the bermudagrass in our pastures is starting…