The Grain Truck

Our farm recently purchased a used grain truck to haul cattle feed. Lad and I traveled to Rockford, Ohio to pick up the truck last Saturday. Our farm is located in Northeast Ohio, near Cleveland, and Rockford is about 10 miles east of Indiana in western Ohio. We traveled 235 miles, one way, to get the truck. The trip took about 10 hours.

We traveled on U.S. 30 about 120 miles. Western Ohio is farm country with mile after mile of large fields and farm buildings. These are some of the sights on U.S. 30…

One of the many farms in western Ohio

A hog barn

Energy generated by wind
We arrived in Rockford, just north of Van Wert, at the truck dealership to pick up our 1984 International S1900 grain truck.

Lad with the truck we purchased
Filling up with $4/gallon diesel
Neat door handle
Then got on the road to travel back home. 

The trees are blooming
Driving through downtown Van Wert
A tractor working the field in Bucyrus

One of Ohio's Bicentennial Barns - The Smith Family Farm in Ashland
To celebrate and commemorate Ohio's 200th anniversary as a state, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission selected artist Scott Hagan to paint at least one barn in each of Ohio's eighty-eight counties with the bicentennial logotype. The project began in 1997 and was completed in September 2002. Click here to see a photo of the barn in each county.
It was a long trip to make in one day, but I enjoyed seeing this part of Ohio. The grain truck will be a very useful addition to our farm!